The Truth About Platinum

Is platinum a new metal?

After all, in the past, one would associate diamonds with gold. Nowadays, the most expensive fine jewelry designs set diamonds in platinum.

The truth is, platinum has been on this earth for billions of years. This brilliant metal really came from the skies. Meteorites contain platinum and meteorites have been landing on earth for billions of years already.

Kind of romantic if you think about it.

That pure white platinum jewelry could once have been part of a star. Part of a meteorite that travelled through space before it landed in our world.

Ironically, there was a time when platinum was thought to be an inferior metal by people searching for gold. Platinum looks like silver, so in 1590, when the Spanish discovered platinum, they named it platina, which means little silver. The newly rediscovered platinum was thrown back into the river, its value totally misunderstood at that time.

2 centuries later, King Louis XVI of France declared platinum to be the only metal fit for kings. Thus began the love of platinum by the royals. In fact, the late Queen Mother, Queen Elisabeth’s crown was made of platinum. Owning a piece of platinum jewelry today gives you something in common with the royals. Both you and the royals wear platinum.

Even Hollywood Royalty appreciates the value of platinum. The King, Elvis Presley exchanged platinum wedding rings with his wife Priscilla. Joe Dimaggio gave Marilyn Monroe 3 carat solitaire diamond platinum engagement ring. Movie legends would set their diamonds in platinum. In fact, diamond platinum engagement rings are the preferred engagement rings of the well heeled.

Platinum is a special metal. It does not fade or tarnish. It does not corrode. In fact, it is so lasting, platinum was used to make the standard kilogram weight. Platinum is eternal. Diamonds are eternal. That is one of the reasons why diamonds and platinum are the perfect match.

Another reason why diamonds an platinum go together is the color of platinum. Platinum is a brilliant white. Diamonds are graded on their color among other factors. The whiter the diamond, the higher its value. When a diamond [] is set in platinum, the whiteness of the platinum makes the diamond look whiter, brighter, more precious.

Platinum is extremely pliable. It can be drawn into a very fine wire very easily. Yet it is so strong. That means jewellers can create very intricate jewelry pieces with platinum. Jewellers can create fine prongs with platinum with which to hold the diamond, yet these thin prongs are so strong they hold the diamond securely.

Diamonds aside, platinum is the metal of choice for anyone who has sensitive skin. Jewelry rash can occur even with gold jewelry. The impurities in most other metals, including gold, can cause a rash. The rash could even happen years later, after wearing the jewelry daily for long periods of time.

Platinum wearers don’t have to worry about jewelry rash. Platinum is 95% pure. Platinum is hypoallergenic, so the best way to deal with a jewelry rash is to switch to platinum.

The problem with platinum is that it is so rare. It is 35 times rarer than gold. There is so little platinum on earth, yet its uses are so wide. Because platinum is compatible with the human body, platinum is used in medicine, to make pace makers, for example. Platinum is also a catalyst and is essential in many chemical processes. Platinum is such a precious metal that during World War II, U.S. banned platinum from being used for any non-military purpose. That is why, for so many years, platinum was not used in jewelry making.

Due to its rarity, platinum is an excellent precious metal to invest in. Anything that is so rare and has so many uses would appreciate in price, with time, which makes platinum jewelry a wise investment.

Platinum Credit Cards Are What You Want To Have

Beyond the sex-appeal of the card itself, a platinum card often has a much higher credit limit than your run-of-the-mill card and obtaining one is not always as easy as obtaining the lower level credit cards. Most companies require applicants to have a good credit score to receive the platinum credit card since platinum credit cards offer benefits above that of other credit cards. The credit score requirement is related to the amount of credit the card issuer gives with the platinum credit card. Since the credit limit on a platinum credit card is higher than most cards, the card issuer must have some assurance that the cardholder will pay the balance in a timely manner. Platinum credit cards have far more benefits and features compared to a standard or gold credit card and platinum credit cards usually have a lower interest rate than regular and even gold credit cards. Once you have shown credit card companies that you have the ability to pay your bills and you are not a risk, they just might offer you a platinum credit card. As long as you pay the bills on time and build your credit then you may be offered a platinum card in as little as three months. Platinum cardholders work their way up the ranks by paying and establishing better credit for themselves.

So what makes a platinum credit card different from others? When you use a platinum credit card for shopping or any other transaction, you are awarded reward points depending on the amount of the transaction. Generally, one gets a reward point for each dollar spent through the use of credit card. Unlike the regular credit cards, platinum credit card offers you a fixed rate. The other advantages of for the platinum credit card holder include rental car insurance, travel accident insurance, etc. Some of the great advantages that may be associated with platinum credit cards are: as mentioned before, lower interest rates, plus higher credit limits, more frequent credit limit increases, no annual fee, more benefits, savings and rewards, including: fraud protection service, cash back programs, and frequent flier miles. These credit cards offer such great rewards because credit issuers are trying to cater to people with excellent credit.

Platinum credit cards are usually advertised through television or newspapers, direct mail or telephone solicitations. The rules for offering platinum credit card vary from company to company. If a credit card company sees that you have outstanding credit, they are going to want to keep your business, which is why so many companies offer platinum credit cards, to set you apart from the people with just good credit. A company offering you a platinum credit card is there way of rewarding you for having great credit, while at the same time trying to attract, or maintain your business. In nearly all cases, platinum credit cards are offered to those consumers who use their credit card to make a relatively large amount of purchases. A platinum credit card can be a good choice if you frequently use your credit card for your routine and high purchases and pay back the whole debt at the month end. The low interest rate is a reward to platinum customers for the amount of purchases they make using the platinum credit card. One of the best ways to get the platinum credit is to search for it on the internet. Students usually do not have platinum credit cards because they do not have excellent credit, nor do they often own homes or other larger assets with which credit might be built.

A platinum card can be a wonderful financial tool for managing you daily spending. With low interest rates, great benefits and high credit limits, the appeal of platinum cards make them very desirable to the vast majority of credit card holders. You may or may not currently have a platinum card, if you do not, consider getting one. If you do have a platinum card, maybe you should select another one or two.

The Bank Of America – Hawaiian Airlines Visa Platinum – For The Hawaiian Airlines Traveler

The Bank of America – Hawaiian Airlines Visa Platinum card is suitable for you if you have an excellent credit background and is a frequent flyer with the Hawaiian Airlines.

The Card And Its Benefits

The advantage of opting for the Bank of America – Hawaiian Airlines Visa Platinum is its fantastic air-miles rewards program that permits you to obtain discount for airfares.

After you sign up for the Hawaiian Airlines Visa, you will automatically receive 10000 Hawaiian Miles. With the renewal of your account every year, the cardholder will get an anniversary gift of 2000 Hawaiian Miles. You can also save and gather your miles for discounts and airfare.

Regular, everyday purchases that you make with the card will get you extra Hawaiian Miles and you can gather up to 100000 miles per year. Moreover, for spending a dollar with the card, you will get one Hawaiian Mile and for spending a dollar through the Hawaiian Airlines (for tickets and vacation packages), you will stand to gain two Hawaiian Miles.

The most attractive reward coming your way as part of the card’s Reward Program is a 50% discount voucher with a regular full-coach fare ticket for your traveling companion or partner, with applicable fees, taxes and surcharges. So, you can always plan and enjoy your Hawaiian vacation with your partner by your side. All the more, the Hawaiian Miles program will let you save on a large amount of money when the card is in use.

Other Plus points

The Bank of America – Hawaiian Airlines Visa Platinum card will provide the cardholder with a credit line that sums up to $25000 depending on the cardholder’s credit history and level of income. The card further enables you to check your account balance through the online account feature. It allows you to write free convenience checks in places where credit cards are not accepted.

You can confidently use the Hawaiian Airlines Visa card coupled with the total security protection program. You will not be liable for unauthorized Internet purchases with the card. The interest rate for the balance transfers and purchases is affordable for a reward card. However, the card is just not meant for you if have plans to carry a balance.


Other than the beneficial reward program, the cardholders can also avail of benefits like numerous emergency and travel assistance services, extended warranty protection, emergency airline ticket replacement, up to $1000000 travel accident insurance, optional mini card, auto rental insurance, optional personal photo on the card, hotel theft and lost luggage insurance and online banking facilities.