Benefits & Privileges of Platinum Credit Cards

Platinum credit cards can be issued to a particular high level or segment class which can enjoy its benefits. To have the card, you need to be an account holder to that particular bank. Underwriter checks applicant’s application, status, address proof, income & reliability. After taking consideration into all these factors the Credit Card is issued.

Banks provide platinum credit cards with different features. The card provides free accidental or travel insurance, high credit limit, interest free or grace period up to certain days, nominal charges on outstanding balance, comprehensive monthly statement, phone banking services, theft purchase protection on any purchase, flexible payment plans, anytime cash access – you can use it as ATM card to have cash.

Along with platinum credit cards, Welcome gift offers card holders to select any of the options say amouage fragrances, the most valuable perfume in the world, you can select male or female amouage perfumes. CHI spa package, there are many CHI spa massage packages out of which you can choose any one of them. Swarovski crystal which is the one of the best jewel shop where you can find crystal, you can select this as a gift. Godiva Chocolates one of the top quality chocolates, one can gift to their children, family or friends. Platinum credit card provides cash back rewards means whenever you use your card you get that little bit extra. A program tailored to make your every spend on the card, a difficult rewarding experience, get percentage(s) Cash Back Points for all spends. At the end of the year get up to additional percentages Cash Back points depending on your spends for the year.

Not only this you can get unique privileges say lifestyle management, a team of expert lifestyle managers will always strive to fulfill your every request whether the request be a ticket to an exclusive event or a limited edition gift or a booking for a hotel in the worlds most exclusive destinations. They assist in travel planning & booking which makes easy through platinum credit card. Some of the banks also offer Unique Discounts: dining discounts, unique retail offers, powerful privileges.