Chase Travel Platinum Visa Card

If you are a person who travels rather frequently then the Chase Travel Platinum Visa Card should be right for you, this card is a twin bargain as it is both capable of saving funds and getting great rewards. No matter if you are looking for a fun filled vacation or you are just looking for a nice cruise or just a weekend in the mountains with your spouse this card will certainly help you in planning your trip.

The Chase Travel Platinum Visa Card can be yours if you are a person who has good credit. The next thing you should be capable of is to pay your balances on time each month to be able to get the necessary rewards that come with the card. But if you are planning on having a very large balance to contend with then you will be paying a ton load more. With this particular card at your disposal you will get great rewards from its program. These rewards are like if you spend a dollar you will earn a mile, and the card lets you redeem your points in many different ways such as car rentals, hotels, flights and cruises.

And these flights can be chosen from over 200 hundred different airline services without any problems. For all the benefits that the card offers you will get it for a fee of just $29 dollars per year, and for the first twelve months you will pay no ARP financing. And after the first year you will have to pay an interest rate of up to 14.24 percent.