Platinum One Destinations – A Contrarian’s View of the Business

There are more than a few people on the web who are aggressively pitching Platinum One Destinations (P1D) as a business opportunity. There’s nothing wrong with that, P1D makes and excellent business for a lot reasons. But I don’t promote or actively publicize P1D strictly as a business opportunity or right out of the gate.

(BTW, there are also lots of other people aligned with different travel opportunities who are on the web and have axes to grind because P1D is understandably cutting into their business. These folks don’t have much that’s nice to say about P1D. You decide for yourself.)

You’re reading this page because you sought it out and choose to. I didn’t push it out towards you or send it to you. My reasons for NOT doing so are quite deliberate. For myself, I find it better not to do things the same way that everyone else is doing them.

The simple truth is, I believe that the best people to run a P1D business are people who have experienced the service and use the membership themselves.

Additionally, as good as the service is, P1D isn’t for everyone. It is the premier travel planning service, the Neiman Marcus and the Porsche of its class. Not everyone shops at Neiman Marcus or drives a Porsche, but those folks who do know why they do. And frankly, they aren’t overly concerned with those who don’t.

Likewise, I’m only interested with like-minded individuals who use the Platinum One Destinations membership themselves. This gives me the advantage because I’m not competing directly with everyone else and not just other P1D business owners. I’m pitching a valuable, respected product, not just another run-of-the-mill, make-a-million-dollars biz op.

My marketing strategies are unique as is my well-defined target demographic. I know exactly who I’m selling to. That’s how I prefer to do business and it’s the superior way as far as I’m concerned.

Again, I’d like for you to decide for yourself.

Then tell me what you think. If you’d like to know how differently I run my business, click on the link in my sig file and I’ll show you. Is this a better way to run a business or not?