This Home Travel Agent Review is to Introduce the Next King of Home Travel!

It is an extreme pleasure to bring you this Home Travel Agent review as they are the newest Network Marketing Company in the travel industry.

The company is based in Australia and was brought to life by their two co founders, Chris Aiken and Andy Astell who both reside in Queensland, Australia.

The real exciting news we will be covering about this company is their compensation plan, bonus configuration and the means of payment they chose to exercise.

The decision was made to start off this Home Travel Agent review with there chosen means of payment because this will be brief and powerful.

Simply put, HTA is not paying with vouchers, travel coupons or price breaks like travel companies of the past, HTA is using money! As for the reps in home travel this is a great new way.

Chris and Andy decided also to launch the company by hand selecting what they call the Platinum Club members.

Accommodating only top producers and skilled Entrepreneurs as there will merely be ten of these slots world wide to launch HTA and they truly made this an enticing deal handing them their own section on the corporate website, they will be fully vested in the compensation plan, and obtain an extra payout on commissions.

Next in the Home Travel Agent review is the entry level position in their compensation plan known as a Consultant. The position is $250, comes with a company replicated website a custom branding page and incorporates no monthly fees.

If you are a consultant there are two income streams, the first way is by enrolling consultants consultants into HTA and the second is a pretty large payment on travel goods sold as well.

After Consultant the next step is to be a a Team Leader; this is made possible merely by personally enrolling five paid as Consultants into the company.

In this position they will receive a life time vested residual contract and be able to title the business and of it’s passive residual income to anyone the choose, and generate a third income stream. The third revenue source is on there front line Consultants.

Next in the Home Travel Agent review we go to the third level of compensation, where the Team Leader becomes an Area Leader by guiding three of their personally sponsored Consultants become Team Leaders and then acquiring a fourth and additional income. That being an over ride on their second tier consultants.

Then the final stage in the compensation plan, National Leader. Only one requirement here would be to personally sponsor one thousand consultants into HTA.

This does not ad a new stream of income yet does come with a few hefty perks. One is a $10,000 bonus and the second is a Company car.

The final piece of the Home Travel Agent review is their 100 level bonus formation.

Regardless of what stage you are in HTA, when you successfully and personally sponsor 100 paid as Consultants, the company will award you a $10,000 bonus, over the commissions you have already earned.

That bonus works for the first 100, and every 100 personally sponsored Consultants that are brought by you into HTA.