Travel Business Reviews

An insider’s comparison of the top travel businesses available today. Who are they, what are their differences, how are they similar, how much investment is required. What is it that ties the top companies together. It is no coincidence that all the top reps have been involved in a few of the top companies. The most popular travel businesses are Coastal and Global Resorts. All the others are far less popular or a subgroup in one of those two.

Global Resorts Network or GRN has been around about 3-4 years. About 22,500 Google searches occur for this company every month. You can invest $1,495 or $2,995. The $2,995 Product is a lifetime membership. Allows member the pleasures of lifetime deep discounted travel. The $1495 package is temporary while the more expensive package is for a lifetime. Members pay from $299 – $699 per week for vacations. Profits are $500 or $1000 on memberships sold by the rep and on any sales of the reps that you have personally recruited. Pretty good payplan. Advantages: Online booking, 2 levels to buy in at, matching bonuses, high converting products, two places to market – opportunity seekers and people who buy just for the product, good cookie cutter websites/movies, no 2 up sales, paid on first sale Disadvantages: Vacations not transferable – only for you, top profit margin $1000, limited markets.

Reverse Funnel System: Unique group within GRN utilizing their own marketing. About 16,000 people Google search this company every month. You should have a huge marketing budget to keep this method going. There are less expensive and more effective methods of marketing.

Coastal Vacation Club has lasted in excess of twenty years. About 59,000 people Google search this opportunity every month. Buy in $1,295 or $3,995 or $11,000. All levels of the product are for life. People who have purchased a package can share with anyone the benefits of lifetime deep discounted travel. The $1295 membership enables some cruise and stays, a carnival cruise, unlimited weekend get-aways and week long condo stays. Members pay from $199 – $350 weekly each vacation. The $3995 package is a level one and two combination pkg- adding unlimited Cruises, Disney Vacations, and International Travel. Platinum members enjoy all-inclusive resorts and much longer cruises and vacations. Profits on each sale are $1000 or $3200 or $9705 on memberships. You should review all the other benefits at and various packages to see what what they have to offer.

Advantages: three purchase levels, ongoing income and team leverage through 2-up training sales, solid product, several areas in which to market (opportunity seekers, retail sales, fundraisers, business sales, incentive markets) good cookie cutter sites/videos, Vacations fully transferable, to any acquaintances, two-up sales-paid for helping others get started, Profit margins from $1000 to $9705, marketing can be successful no matter how much you have to spend, tons of free training and resources available through the board of directors and 2 training sites Negative: New reps make nothing on the first 2 sales

Coastal Wealth Builders CWB: is a Sub-group within Coastal but has its own systems and sites. Nearly two hundred people Google search this group monthly. You could count these with the number of people that search Coastal since they market the same product. Their systems are similar to the systems in place with the “official System” and do a nice job training their people. Many CWB members use both the official system and pay extra for additional CWB created websites.

Decide Freedom International or DFI is another group working Coastal and use there private group techniques and sites. About 110 people Google search this group every month. You could also add these to the Coastal count. They also use some of the official marketing systems in place. However, they promote seminars held by Dani Johnson who is an incredible trainer in network marketing (I suggest hearing her at least once in your life as well). I would advise against sending your possible recruits to a Dani event UNTIL after you have brought them in-because I have met people who have lost their potential recruits to other directors that showed up to the same seminar.

Platinum 1 Destinations P1D – Synergy Group: Opened for business Jan 08. By the end of 2009 there are about five thousand Google searches on this company every month. Profit margins go up to $7500 on the products. To be honest – In my research of this group I found dozens of inactive links to their websites which inhibited my research. This could be a sign in itself. I do know that as the synergy group they were another sub group in Coastal and grew their team greatly. In fact I was actually a synergy member in 2005 when they were strictly Coastal-but I opted to go with the official Board of Director approved sites and training. The leadership of the synergy group opted to create a totally different product in 2008 and go there own way with their own new product. Synergy members were grandfathered into this new system, unfortunately, I have met many of the Coastal Representatives who joined the synergy group and had no knowledge of the approved official Coastal Board of Director training and were left hanging and looking for ways to work their businesses or forced to work a new system they did not buy into. You should also know that most of the successful P1D synergy group travel agents and P1D testimonials were former members of the Coastal Synergy Group. In fact, I have even heard them intrchange their former Testimonials as proof for P1D which always seemed little unethical.

Scot Chatron – Scot Chatron and other prominent figures appear in several of these top programs. Scot Chatron has been the most recent to make some waves. He got into Coastal Around 2004 and applied his offline business and marketing skills to move to the top of the company. He added Global Resorts to his arsenal a couple years ago and actually combined the two packages for one price. Global had some rough times recently when Johny Bolton, their main mouthpiece and top dawg, branched off and started yet another travel business. Some people even claimed Global was dead because he left. Truthfully, no one person makes an organization. His jumping ship, however, created an opening for a new start in GRN. So Scot was made an offer and he became Marketing Director for Global. The point is, while many reps stay with 1 company for the long haul, there are a few who will jump to similar companies – much like a lateral career move between brick and mortar corporations.

Conclusion: Coastal was founded around 1985, has never altered their pay structure, has the highest available profit margins up to $9705 per sale. They also govern themselves with a board of directors but maintain individual responsibility by staying an association of several hundred thousand memberships. They have a few notable sub-groups that all market their product. Sub-groups have advantages and disadvantages (a disadvantage is like what happened with the synergy group). Obviously more people Google Coastal than all other travel based opportunities any where on the net. Their Board of Directors also has a cookie cutter set up with complete websites, 800 tele-services, auto responders, movies, lead generating methods, approved lead vendors etc… The board of directors has a beautiful system in place negating any need for extra groups and whatever costs/risks associated with them. If you work this business according to the fully approved systems in place then you will see that Coastal Pays You extremely well. In fact, so well that many people have seen fit to quit their day jobs after starting in this opportunity. Get more information about the Official system and learn the secret marketing techniques that most leaders do not share.

Global Resorts Network has been around four years, has a stable compensation structure, has profit margins from $500 to $1000 per sale. It is a great company, good product if marketing only to an end user, limited markets (only for end users). It is nice that you make an additional $500 -$1000 commission on every sale that a personally sponsored rep makes but that means that without that pay plan you could be making $1000-$2000 on each sale.

Platinum 1 Destinations is a couple years old and earns decent incomes. It is hard to tell what their future will be though because nearly all of their success stories are from another program. Although new company start ups come and go by the dozens every year they have lasted their first year intact. We will see where their future lies.

As far as the various gurus jumping between companies; the company and systems in place to market, capture leads, follow up and close is the more important feature. So when choosing who you will join or what company be sure to discover what marketing system they are using. In any case be sure to have a great marketing system to find, follow up with, and close the right people on autopilot.